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Jasper’s Village

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I recently had an hour long conversation with Phil of Jasper’s Village Resort which is a yoga resort 56 km west of Wauchope here in the Hastings.

While yoga doesn’t have much to do with permaculture, Phil certainly does. And people interested in one are often interested in the other. Phil’s putting together an ecovillage and is on a fast pace to developing his property as a permaculture property. He and I discussed the possibility of hosting PDCs and permaculture intro courses there. He’s a dynamo of energy and has his head in the right space. Members of the ecovillage come from all walks, and one was on his way to do a PDC soon.

Besides being a working resort already (they’ve only been there 18 months), he’s also managed to engage Dr Andrew Katelaris, NSW’s premier hemp expert. A plot of hemp is approved and the village is looking to be able to process it, build with it, and any of the other amazing things you can do with the hemp plant’s products.

Our property isn’t anything of a showcase as I work the pastures with cell grazed cattle, weeds, and whatever trees and elephant grasses I can get to survive. Much is in the “someday” category as we work on our property plan, make ends meet, and get young trees in the ground. So while we can’t host PDCs until we look a bit more like a permaculture property, keep your eye on developments at Jasper’s Village Resort as it becomes a permaculture hub in the region. Don’t forget the yoga either!


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